Our Services

Bringing your vision to life through attentive, solution-oriented business acumen and impactful, collaborative relationships.

COCO B. Productions is guided by a simple yet powerful principle – to exceed client expectations through innovative and strategic execution of unique experiences that empower our clients with the confidence to bring their vision to life through:

Strategic Partnerships
& Alliance-Building

Our global, multifaceted network of prominent institutions and individuals enables us to curate and catalyze partnerships and collaborations that are vital to achieving your organization’s short-term and long-term goals.

Marketing & Brand Amplification

Through our proven proprietary process founded on the profound understanding of your vision, we develop strong and dynamic brand identities that power effective marketing and communication strategies that resonate with your target audience and inspire them to take action.

Event Management & Production

We spearhead the planning and implementation of premiere and custom events for top-tier brands and nonprofits. Through innovation, organization, and communication that is integral to effective event planning, our team of veteran event planners ensures that each event runs smoothly, creates the greatest possible impact, and surpasses client expectations.

Fundraising Strategy

To empower your organization to identify, articulate, and achieve your fundraising goals, we develop strategic plans, including effective sponsorship and donation campaigns, designed to reach and exceed your fundraising objectives.
COCO B. Productions is proud to serve a robust bench of clients across corporate, government, and private industries.