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5 Reasons Time Tracking is Critical to Business Success

Dana KajtezovicMay 10, 2018Content Strategy Being in the digital marketing industry for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen time tracking handled in many different ways. Some companies have staff log every minute they are working, while others don’t log any time at all. Vertical Measures falls somewhere in between. Our team logs any time spent on client-work, so…

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21 Must-Knows Before Starting a Small Business Partnership

The beginnings of a small business partnership can resemble a teenage summer romance. This person just “gets” you. You’ve got a great idea, you agree on everything … you’re going to take over the world together! Whether your newfound business interest is with a long-time friend or someone you’ve only recently met, there’s no denying the…

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5 Life Lessons Essential for Business Success

Step outside of your comfort zone, and never forget where you came from. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. There are many truths in starting and operating a successful business. Many business truths are common sense concepts — like if you run out of cash, your business might not make it. But, you can also draw…

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